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Gucci bag replicaGucci brand is one of the biggest and most successful Italian fashion company's and already for several years it has been in the top 10 most successful fashion brands around the world. Today there are 278 direct Gucci stores worldwide, not to mention the franchises and departments in high-end shops, such as Bergdorf Goodman or Saks Fifth Avenue. The brand does not belong to the italian family anymore, and it is under management of French company Pinault-Printemps-Redoute. Right now Gucci sells women and men apparel, Gucci shoes, Gucci eyewear, Gucci perfume, Gucci bags and even Gucci children clothing line.

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As most fashion houses in Italy also Gucci brand started out as a family enterprise, when Guccio Gucci established his business in Florence in 1921 and rather soon expanded the brand by opening more stores in Rome and other cities. Guccio Gucci was also responsible for some of the Gucci watch designs. After his death Gucci's sons took over the business and it was hard time for the company as there were fights about inheritance, management and everything else and this led the company to its weakest period when from the elite fashion house it became a bad reputation brand. Luckily for us all changed in 1980-ties under Maurizio Gucci reign, when the company added more talent to its team (such names as Calvin Klein, Tom Ford as creative designers) and Frida Giannini, who was been responsible for the incredible success of the company's business also today.

However there are several basic warnings and guidelines on how to buy authentic Gucci watches and bags, because there are a lot of replica Gucci watches and Gucci inspired bag copies around, such as Gucci Hysteria Replica bag, famous GG Tote bags and classic Clutch.

1. First rule is buy Gucci bag at Gucci stores and only via trusted internet sites.
2. Check the photos carefully to study the labels. Most fake Gucci bags have logos that do not correspond to the authentic bag logo, the double G may seem incorrect. Label is always inside the bag.
3. See the authentication card.
4. Don't be fooled by super cheap price or description of discount Gucci bag. This is true the real Gucci sale offers plenty of Gucci bags on sale. But then one must take the first three points into consideration before any purchase.
5. Gucci replica bags may seem similar to the authentic Gucci bags, but see the seams and materials closely and you will be able to tell the fake Gucci bag from original only judging its quality.

Buy second hand Gucci bags and ask for the dust bag, receipt, identification card and everything to help you identify the true bag. You can always buy Gucci bags on sale as this is the most convenient and cheapest way to get a real designer purse at a discount price.

The secret lies in choosing Gucci replica handbags that are as close as possible to real thing. Whether one is spending a huge amount on an authentic Gucci or purchasing Gucci replica handbags , the fact is that either way, one spends money; the smart shopper knows how to make sure that her hard-earned cash is well spent. Countless Gucci replica handbags have flooded the market, ranging from exquisite copies to the shamefully constructed. The buyer must possess a critical in scrutinizing the label and logo so as not to end up carrying a bag that says Cucci instead of Gucci or a purse with a couple of inverted Es facing each other.

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